The Tome

The best and fastest way to find and browse Spells, Monsters and Items for your Dungeons & Dragons games

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The Tome for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
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LATEST! The Tome 1.4 is out! Featuring a Apple Watch app, fixes and minor improvements.

The Tome is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you search and find spells, monsters and items * very easily and fast. It's a very useful quick reference tool for players and dungeon masters alike.

* From the System Reference Document. More about the SRD.

But that's not all: Keep your spells, monsters and items as favorites in folders for faster access next time, and print them as handouts. You can also import your own data as XML.

The Tome also supports a bunch of cool iOS features such as: Spotlight Search, Dark Mode, iCloud Sync and iPad goodies like multitasking, keyboard and pointer support.

And since version 1.4, there's a cool lightweight version of The Tome for Apple Watch!

Oh, and you can use it without an internet connection.

"Behold this arcane tome full of magical spells, deadly creatures and magnificent artifacts."

– The old man was shouting in the crowded market of Doar, but nobody was paying him much attention except for a handfull of street children.


If you have found issues, want to give feedback or simply say hi, write to You can also reach out via twitter.

What is the SRD?

SRD is short for System Reference Document, a document from Wizards of the Coast containing guidelines and rules based on the fifth edition (5E) of Dungeons & Dragons that can be used under an open gaming license (Open Game License Version 1.0a, included in the SRD v5.1).

Can I import data?

Sure! The import tool lets you import multiple XML files with spells, monsters and items. The XML files must be in the Lion's Den format. You can craft your own XML files (dificult!), or you can search the web for files already made by the community.

To import files, put the XML files you need in your (on iCloud Drive or on your device) and in the Import tool on The Tome app, tap the "plus" button and choose the file(s) in the panel. *

* Import files are not synced through iCloud Sync. They must be added manualy in each device.


Hi, I'm Leonel and I made this app.

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends and I needed to get a better way of browsing and choosing spells for my spellcasting character, so I ended up scratching my own itch and built an app for that. Emphasis was placed on making it simple, easy to use and very fast.

After DMing a few sessions, I ended up adding monsters and items to the app. The Tome has become an essential tool for my games both as a DM and a player.

I hope you like it as much as I do.