When you visit this website, the server logs and aggregates information about your access and usage. Collected data includes: time of access, IP address, device and browser information.

When you contact us, we might keep your name and e-mail address along with records of past e-mails.

This website doesn't use of cookies, third party trackers or third party analytics.

This website does not share (or sell) any customer information with third parties.


When you use The Tome app, the app sends us anonymised information about its usage. Collected data includes: device information, system version, app version, unique ID, launch statistics and locale information.

We do not share (or sell) any customer information with third parties.

Data Usage

The data collected is used internally to better understand the usage, to develop and improve our products.

We will not send promotional content to your private e-mail addresses. We'll only use your e-mail for: 1) responding to email you send us; 2) notifying you of important app-related matters; 3) occasionally ask you for your opinion on the app or features.

In the eventuality that The Tome is sold or merged with another business, user information may be among the transferred assets. If the data is not anonymised, customers will be notified, informed of the data we have and will be able to opt-out. In the case of an opt-out, the corresponding data will be deleted.